Knotted Headbands


Knot headbands are the latest twist on the classic headband accessory. You’ve probably already noticed knot headbands gracing the heads of your favourite fashion influencers as they’ve quickly made the leap from runway to high fashion to high street.


Headbands have always been a staple hair accessory must have. An added knot transforms the headband from sweet and simple to stylish and sophisticated.


Their versatility means that the perfect luxury knot headband exists for each and every person. Simply find the ideal headband that will make the finishing touch to your favourite outfits.


  1. The Knot Headband
  2. Headband Hints
  3. The Look
  4. How to Wear Knot Headbands
  5. Your Unique Style


The Knot Headband


Picture a typical headband: cute, feminine and possibly reminiscent of school days. Now add a knot twist and suddenly you’ve got a fresh take on a classic look that adds a breath of individuality to your appearance.


The sleek new knot variety of headband is thought to be a clever take on the classic knot scarf that was popular in the 1950’s. Of course, as a pre-knot headband, the sophisticated style is much simpler for anyone to achieve.


Headband Hints


Headbands, particularly when knotted, are a great way to give your hair some extra volume. If you’re ever in need of some bouncy beautiful locks but don’t have time to get a blow dry, a strategically placed knot headband can do the trick.


The headband can be positioned so it mostly under the surrounding hair. This will give your hair a volume boost in just a few seconds! Additionally, the added height of the knot will also create the impression of hair volume.


To get the perfect texture for maximum volume, combine use of the headband with a little dry shampoo. However, be careful to apply and set all hair styling products before putting on the headband so that the fabric doesn’t get ruined.


Headbands are also an easy and effortless way of keeping hair out of your eyes and off of your face. Use a headband to push back the hair so that windy days aren’t spent removing hair from your lip gloss.


The Look


Knot headbands have a distinctive look but are still incredibly versatile. Their range in colour and style means that these headbands are ideal for any occasion.


Firstly, this slightly different hair accessory is an appropriate addition to attire for work or formal situations. Knot headbands can be worn in muted tones and sensible styles to give a sophisticated and responsible impression.


Perhaps due to their lingering back to school connection, headbands are also the ultimate accessory for autumn looks. When paired with cosy jumpers and boots, the knot headband completes a perfect autumn look.


Knot headbands are not only great in autumn, they are a fabulous hair accessory all year round. In winter, a knot headband can be bought in festive colours or even in a knitted wool style. In spring, suitable knot headbands can be found in bright colours and floral patterns.


In summer, a knot headband is the perfect addition to a cute summer dress. It can also be used to keep hair off a sweaty face or to add some style to cool, comfortable updos.


As well as matching knot headbands with the seasons, it can also be fun to match hair accessories with certain outfits. Some of your most worn, most loved outfits could need a matching knot headband to make them perfect!


Finally, knot headbands, especially the kind made to luxurious standards with high-quality fabrics, can make a stunning addition to evening wear or formal events such as a wedding, a fancy party or anywhere you might need to wear a dress.


When an elegant hairdo is styled with a headband, it is more likely to stay in place all evening, allowing you to enjoy the event worry free.


How to Wear Knot Headbands


The great news is that knot headbands can be worn with hair of all lengths, from Rapunzel locks to a shaved head. It is also one of the easiest hair accessories to wear and style!


We’ve discovered some of the most popular ways to wear a knot headband for you to try:


Hair Pushed Back


Pushing the hair back and out of the face with a headband is one of the most convenient hairstyles to ever exist. It also doesn’t require any special hairdressing skills and is easy to master in just a few tries.


This look can be super cute while also being incredibly functional. Keeping hair pushed back can stop hair getting in eyes or being stuck to lip gloss which is especially useful when there’s a task you need to be concentrating on.


A knotted headband can be used to push all the hair straight back for a more serious, no-nonsense look or, it can be pushed back while maintaining a parting for a slightly more stylised and fun appearance.


Half Under Hair


For maximum volume results, the knot headband should be worn under the hair. When positioned right, the headband lies half on top of the head and half under the hair, pushing it up.


Not only is this look cute, big and bouncy, it also looks purposely styled and can be worn anywhere from the office to evening drinks.


Getting the positioning right for this look can be slightly more difficult. Start by separating the hair about a ¼ of the way back so that the back ¾ is pulled back.


Place the headband on the head behind the first section of hair. Release the back section of hair so that is falls free, with some of the hair falling on top of the headband. 


Messy Bun


Combining a knotted headband with a messy bun is the easiest way to achieve a cool, casual look. Not only is it a simple hairstyle to do, the addition of a knotted headband stops it looking lazy.


To achieve a messy bun, simply gather the hair to the back and twist into the bun shape. Tie with a hair band. The knotted headband can be added before or after the messy bun is made.


To add the knot headband before the bun, position it in the hair the same way as if you were leaving the knot headband under the hair. Once in place, put the hair into the messy bun. This gives you a cute messy bun with a knotted headband peeking out from under the hair.


Alternatively, complete the messy bun first and position the knot headband on top of the hair. This version allows the headband to rest on top of the hair which can keep stray hairs in line for a slightly neater look.


The best thing about knot headbands is that they’re so easy! In minimal time and with almost no effort you can add a little complexity and style to your outfit. Experiment with your knot headband to find your ideal look then simply slip it on and go.   


Your Unique Style


Knot headbands have been featured on the catwalks of fashion powerhouses. They have crowned models, celebrities and influencers. You’ve possibly already seen them in the street!


When choosing your knot headband, it might be tempting to copy your favourite celebrity or match a friend. However, if you choose a knot headband that matches your unique style and personality, it will be with you for a lot longer.


Fashion and the clothes you choose to wear are an opportunity to express who you are and let your personality shine! From the colour to the pattern to the style, knot headbands are the ideal accessory to make your look unique.


Since the ideal knot headband is a long-lasting knot headband, it makes sense to choose one made to high standards out of durable, quality fabrics. Your new statement hair accessory can then perfect your outfits for years to come.

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