Hair Accessories For Girls

A new hair accessory has the power to transform a look. One simple addition can pull an outfit together perfectly while adding a touch of individuality. Ideally, each girl will have a few trusted hair accessories that they can count on to add their own style to any look.


Investing in higher quality, luxury hair accessories is always a better choice than constantly buying cheaper, lower quality items. They look better and are more likely to be unique. Buying to last is also much better for the environment!


It does, however, make the decision of what hair accessory to buy slightly harder. Follow this handy guide to figure out the hair accessory that is perfect for you and your lifestyle!


  1. Bow
  2. Hair Clip
  3. Head Band
  4. Hair Pin



Bows are no longer childish accessories that you outgrow after leaving school. Sure, the last time you wore a hair bow might have been with a school uniform, but bows have had a total revamp that makes them an amazing hair accessory option for adults.


The brilliant thing about bows is that they can easily be found in a range of styles, shapes and sizes. So, even though the classic, perfect bow shape is an option, outfits can also be enhanced with oversized bows, relaxed bows and minimal bows.


Bows retain a gorgeous, feminine appearance. However, instead of looking girly and immature, they have been remodelled into a sleek, elegant accessory. Rather than the stiff, perfect bow of previous years, newer bows are more relaxed, creating a casual yet sophisticated image.


Bows can also be really useful! Depending on the style a bow can be used to tie hair up part way, in sections or completely so that it can be kept off your face and held in position. This is a great feature that makes bows as hair accessories appropriate for formal occasions and office wear.


Bows can be worn for casual occasions. They make a cute addition to a lunch date outfit, can be worn when catching drinks with friends or even just running daily errands.


They are also the ideal choice for more formal occasions. Relaxed bows in particular can add a level of sophistication to serious meetings, job interviews, weddings and more.




Hair Clip


Hair clips have swung in and out for style for over a century. It’s frequent regenerations over time means that the hair clip can now be found in a range of styles reminiscent of different times.


The last surge of popularity for hairclips came in the 90s. Hairstyles of girls, teens and young adults were adorned with adorable plastic butterfly clips. Similarly, snap clips in fun and bright colours were used to fix fringes in place or hold hair off the face.  


Since then, the retro accessory has made a successful comeback with a new, chic and more modern style. The somewhat childish hairclip trends of the 90s have largely been reformed into cooler, more sophisticated hair clip options that can be appropriate for any age.


The versatility of hair clips means that any look or style you’re aiming for can be complimented by a well-chosen hair clip.  Multiple metallic monochrome hairclips can create an edgy modern look while a vintage mood can be captured with golden wavy clips.


This also makes them perfect for any occasion! Try sparkling glitter hair clips for a night on the town or add some classy sophistication to your wedding outfit with a set of pearled hair clips.


Hair clips are one of those handy fashion accessories that not only look great but are incredibly functional too. As well as spicing up an outfit they can simultaneously keep a hairstyle in place.


Hairclips alone can be used to create a great hairstyle or can be used along with hair ties and other hair accessories for more complicated hairstyles. However, their most common use is to keep hair out of eyes and off of the face. This is one of the easiest styles to achieve that is also insanely convenient!




No accessory is as easy to use as the classic headband. It has been a favourite hair accessory for hundreds of years and shows no sign of going out of style. Instead, new variations are being created all the time. The huge range of styles they cover include padded headbands, knot headbands, thin headbands, turban headbands and many more!


There isn’t really such a thing as a typical headband as they have been found in various cultures across the world and are seen throughout time. They can be made of wood, plastic, leather, metal, elastic or simply fabric.


Headbands can be a useful accessory for pushing the hair up and out of the face. Certain headbands, particularly ones with elastic, can hold hair back pretty effectively which means they are great for sport, cooking or busy days where hair needs to be kept out of the way.


This is also why headbands are sometimes considered childish and related to school as they are a popular choice of school children who want to work without hair falling into their eyes.


However, the main use of headbands these days is to create styles and compliment outfits. Headbands are available in a huge variety of styles and can be worn anywhere. So, while headbands may still be popular on school playgrounds, they are also appropriate for dates, offices, job interviews, parties and weddings.


Not only can hairbands be used to compliment a whole range of styles, they can also be incorporated into many different hairstyles. They can be worn alone with hair down and un-styled or with a ponytail, a messy bun and even with complex fancy hairstyles.


Hair Pin


Hair pins are probably the most underrated hair accessory. They are sometimes overlooked for more typical hair accessories, but they have many fantastic applications and can be a great way to show off individual style.


Hair pins can be short, medium length or long and each length has a specific set of uses. Small pins are mostly just aesthetic. They can be added to hairstyles to take them to the next level for both casual and party looks.


Longer pins can be used as an addition to a sleek hairstyle or can be used on their own to fashion hair into a chic and elegant updo! This look is perfect for casual day to day as well as weddings, parties and even formal events.


Gorgeously elaborate hairstyles often incorporate hair pins as glittering pins are used to bedazzle the hair.  The pins and hairstyle combined can look like a work of art!


Once you’ve mastered the art of using a hair pin or two to twist hair into position, you’ll find it can be even quicker to do than making a ponytail. The no-fuss properties of a hair pin have made it a timeless accessory.


With the range of hair pin options available, it is easy to incorporate them into a hairstyle in a way that is unique. use as many or as few as needed and take time practicing where to position them in a way that is perfect for you.


Whatever hair accessory you choose, make sure it will be an extension of your individual style! Hair accessories are the ideal tool to express who you are and let your unique creativity shine.

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