Annabel's Christmas Fair: Designer Headband Success!

We were quite apprehensive about doing another headband pop up given the mixed experience with the last one we did at Facebook HQ in the summer, but this was a whole different story!

In terms of prioritising where we put our most valuable commodity (time!), I wasn’t sure if it would be a good way to invest for the 3-day event but Deirdre had other ideas and made the decision that we should give it a try. Thankfully, she made the right call and our collection of headbands and hair accessories were incredibly well received.

Alice & Blair Annabel's Christmas Fair Designer Headband Pop Up

This was the first year of the Annabel’s Christmas Fair and it was a huge success story. Established luxury brands everywhere you looked with a fabulous Christmas atmosphere created by the attentive events team. We were next to the Perrier Jouet Champagne Bar and an extremely talented local artist, Tessa Packard. It was wonderful to meet Tessa and her team, whilst also being an extremely convenient location given our proximity to the champagne!

On the first morning we met so many customers, several of whom had come to see us specifically to try our whole headband range! It was very humbling and a great opportunity to meet existing customers face to face. Headband sales far exceeded our expectations on the first morning and that continued right through the afternoon and for the whole day. So much so that we had to arrange for an overnight delivery for more stock of every headband! A special thank you to Natasha for helping out on the first day and with the preparations the night before. Also, thanks to Hannah Saunders PR and Bloom Magic for arranging a beautiful flower display as the centre piece for our stand.

Alice & Blair Annabel's Christmas Fair Designer Headband Pop Up

On the second day, we were ably assisted by Maia James (who designs a beautiful range of belts). Headband sales on the second day eclipsed the first day which was amazing. We also sold far more of our Ice Please Hair Clips and Stella Star Hair Slides than we had anticipated, which quickly sold out. It seemed that by the end of the day, everyone in there was either wearing or had bought one of our luxury headbands!

By the third day we were all exhausted! Deirdre was able to come in and meet more customers and she loved helping them find their perfect headband. We tend to recommend styles based on face shape, skin tone and hair highlights. Some people are lucky and suit so many headband styles, but often it was useful to try on a few headbands to find the perfect match.

Alice & Blair Annabel's Christmas Fair Designer Headband Pop Up

So, what did we learn?

  • Pop ups are fun and incredibly well suited to our headbands, but we have to carefully select our events
  • iZettle makes payments so easy and frictionless for high volume transactions. We would definitely recommend it over Shopify POS.
  • Annabel’s has the perfect customer base for our headbands
  • Customers love having personalised headband styling recommendations
  • Our customer base isn’t just the 25-34 age group that we had assumed (we had customers from 20-80!)
  • We would love to launch our Spring/Summer 2020 collection at Annabel’s

Again, we would like to say a big thank you to everyone at Annabel’s and the events team (a special thanks goes to Lara!). You made the experience so special for your shoppers and all the brands involved. This has been a major catalyst for our business and we can’t wait to come back for for the Spring Fair and showcase our new designer headband range!

Alice & Blair Annabel's Christmas Fair Designer Headband Pop Up

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