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It's been a few months since our last blog post. At the time we had some terrific intentions to write regular weekly or fortnightly blogs on Alice & Blair and our beautiful headbands. Unfortunately, being a small business, our time is restricted and we inevitably get stretched in to so many different areas of running and growing the business that writing blogs slides to the back of the queue…

 New & Seasonal Favourite Headbands by Alice & Blair

However, this is our commitment to start writing more freely about our luxury headbands and hair accessories. We have done some amazing things behind the scenes at Alice & Blair beyond designing and making handmade headbands. Since the last blog we have developed over 20 new headbands, we have streamlined our website (reducing load speed from 12s to 4s!), built new relationships with Anthropologie and Jo Hansford stocking our headbands, and hosted an amazing pop up at Annabel’s Christmas Fair! More information on all of these topics will form topics of interest in the coming months.

 Alice & Blair: Headbands now stocked at Anthropologie

So, what were the drivers for writing more blog articles? Well, it gives us the opportunity to share information about Alice & Blair and our luxury hair accessories. Additionally, it’s an easy interaction point with our customers who can comment and engage with us through the articles. Importantly, we cannot overlook the benefits it could potentially generate through the dark arts of SEO by targeting the relevant headband keywords within the blog. The intention isn’t to spam ‘headband’ in every article we write, but more so to provide topics of genuine interest to our readers whilst sharing the journey of our business. However, it’s fair to assume our blogs are going to be fairly focused on headbands given the nature of our business!

 Alice & Blair: Annabel's Christmas Fair. Headband success!

The trigger though, was the research we did on an article written by Aoibhe Devlin titled 'Headband Heaven' at, back in June 2019. We noticed that we had a rush of unexpected traffic and new customers which resulted directly from her blog post. We will be in touch to share this article with you and if you wanted to try some of our new lines then we would be delighted to share with you. So, thank you, Aoibhe!

 Alice & Blair: Headband Heaven with The Secret Obsession

We have been brainstorming on some ideas for blog articles, but please do get in touch if you would like for us to explore other topics or would like for us to write some of them sooner than others.


Our ideas so far:

  • Alice & Blog: our blog on why we will blog more (that’s this one!)
  • Annabel’s Christmas Fair
  • Headbands, Hairbands or Alice Bands?
  • Headband history
  • The rise of Headbands
  • Versatile Headbands to match outfits
  • Why we work with professional hairdressers
  • Seasonal colour palettes
  • How to store and care for your Headbands
  • Bridal Headbands for weddings and Day 2
  • Designing a new range, where do you start?
  • Behind the scenes and photography techniques
  • Our models at Alice & Blair photo shoots
  • Silk Headbands: sourcing materials in Hong Kong
  • Swarovski pearls, what are they?
  • Swarovski crystals, what are they?
  • Velvet, fabric history and benefits
  • Silk, fabric history and benefits
  • Thermosetting plastic for our flexible inner band
  • How to start a business, our journey update
  • Why we offer different payment providers and options
  • How did we design our website?
  • Why do we celebrate our customer reviews?
  • When do we outsource web development and why?
  • How did we educate ourselves on SEO?
  • How did we educate ourselves on marketing?
  • The importance of choosing professional photography
  • Influencers and when they add value to your business
  • Our experiences with PR
  • What is our approach to customer service and why?
  • What is it like working with big retailers?
  • Working with boutiques and why we love it!
  • Headbands in exclusive salons and why it’s such a great match
  • How we balance family life whilst running Alice & Blair
  • Headbands for men, is that a thing?
  • What is the vision for the brand beyond headbands?
  • What products are we developing beyond headbands?


Check back soon for our next update!

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