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  • Hair Accessories For Girls

    A new hair accessory has the power to transform a look. One simple addition can pull an outfit together perfectly while adding a touch of individuality. Ideally, each girl will have a few trusted hair accessories that they can count on to add their own style to any look.
  • Knotted Headbands

    Since the ideal knot headband is a long-lasting knot headband, it makes sense to choose one made to high standards out of durable, quality fabrics. Your new statement hair accessory can then perfect your outfits for years to come.
  • Pearl Earrings

    Pearls are beautifully versatile. They are a timeless accessory that can be worn with any outfit. The range of colours, textures, sizes and shape means that there is a set of gorgeous pearl earrings perfectly tailored for any environment.
  • Sterling Silver Earrings

    Sterling silver is one of the whitest and brightest metals available and therefore an obvious choice for stunning jewellery pieces. Sterling silver earrings are a beautiful, high quality addition to any jewellery box that can survive through generations. 
  • Our Version of Customer Service

    We honestly don't go out of our way to aim for excellent customer service. We simply view personal interactions with our customers as an extension of the way we would want to be treated ourselves in everyday life. It's honestly that simple!
  • Headband, Hairband or Alice Band?

    One problem we commonly face is determining whether our customers are searching for 'headbands', 'hairbands' or 'Alice bands' - because often they are searching for the same product but using a completely different noun and phrase. Tricky right?
  • Annabel's Christmas Fair: Designer Headband Success!

    We were quite apprehensive about doing another headband pop up given the mixed experience with the last one we did at Facebook HQ in the summer, but this was a whole different story!
  • Alice & Blog: our blog on blogging!

    It's been a few months since our last blog post. At the time we had some terrific intentions to write regularly weekly or fortnightly blogs on Alice & Blair and our beautiful headbands.
  • Alice & Blair Interview #LondonFashionWeek

    Deirdre O’Flynn founded Alice & Blair in January of this year. On the 4th day of London Fashion Week we found out more about the business inspired by Blair Waldorf and the Upper East Side.